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Seeds or Plants which make the best vegetable gardens?

The snow is finally melting and the garden is beckoning us to start planting. But, wait it is only the beginning of April and the last frost isn't until May 15th. Most of us are anxious to start getting outside and working on our gardens. I know I am. I plan on enlarging my growing space from a few containers to an entire bed 5 x 15 and in doing so I need to plan the vegetable garden carefully.

The first question I struggle with is do I sow seeds directly into the garden or do I wait and purchase plants the growers at Jensen's Flower and Garden will provide. I think the answer is both. The type of vegetable to be grown will help dictate the best choice. Some vegetables are best sowed directly in the garden; these include onions, lettuce, beets, etc. Others do better from plants, usually do to the short growing season here in Colorado. The most common of these are tomatoes and peppers. Many vegetables can be started now and will be perfect for transplanting in mid-May. Then the question is really do I grow my own plants to be transplanted or do I purchase my plants from Jensen's Flower and Garden. This is a personal choice. There are a few things you should consider in making the sow vs. buy decisions.

Growing plants from seeds is very satisfying and probably the most cost effective but requires setting aside space and providing the appropriate temperature, light and humidity. To get the most out of starting seeds inside you will need to provide - a propagation mat. It keeps the soil in the trays at a consistent warm temperature. You will get quicker germination, more seedlings and uniformity. Having an adequate light source is also important. Ideally, an adjustable grow light that provides adjustability of the light source is suggested. This prevents "leggy" seedling as they stretch to find light, instead you will create nice tight compact plants. Finally providing adequate humidity also plays a key role in maximizing your seedling growth. Providing a dome or cover will produce the necessary environment.

With the proper soil temperature, lighting conditions and humidity starting seedlings is extremely successful. Jensen's Flower and Garden carries all the necessary supplies for you to start your own vegetable garden from seeds.

Whether you wish to start your own seeds or wait to purchase plants, the staff at Jensen's Flower and Garden has a wealth of information on when to sow seed, when to transplant outside and how to get a second season on some of our favorites.

And don't forget if you aren't inclined to do the "dirty work" of planting and harvesting a garden, the Jensen's Farm Market will open in mid-summer featuring the best fruits and vegetables the local farmers have to offer.