Jensen's Flower And Garden

We offer more than just plants

A nursery is more than just a place to buy potted plants. We're happy to sell you plants, but we want to do more inspire you to expand on your horticultural tendencies. Let us help you acquire the tools you need to improve and customize your landscaping, create and maintain gardens, and fill your home or office with life.

Gardens as a food source
The possibilities are wider than you probably expect. Colorado gardens produce an extremely wide variety of vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, fruits, and even nuts. Fresh produce, picked right before dinner, will make your food taste better than you knew it could. Imagine a salad bar still attached at the roots; imagine organic produce at a couple cents per pound; imagine knowing exactly how and where your food was born.

Gardens for aesthetics
Landscaping can improve on the value of your home, help you stand out among your neighbors, and, best of all, improve your mood. Keep in mind, those flowers don't always have to stay outside. Keeping and maintaining a garden is a great way to have a steady supply fresh flowers for your home or work. If nothing else, it gives you an excuse to have more dinner parties outside this summer.

Gardens for health
We're not implying that gardens don't take work—but it's a lot cheaper than a health club, and you get a tan at the same time. The exercise burns calories and gets the endorphins pumping, being outside improves your mood even further, and at the end of the day, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

DIY, we'll show you how

The DIY (do-it-yourself) revolution is here! Creating a fun, healthy garden is easier than you might expect, but everyone has to learn the basics. That's why we offer classes and help to those of you who don't have a naturally green thumb.

Classes range from re-potting your houseplants to creating a composting bin. Please see the class schedule below.


You don't have to be an expert…