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How much should you water your lawn in Colorado, and at what time of day?
Kentucky bluegrass lawns in Colorado may require 2.5 inches of water per week depending on rainfall. Apply 1 to 1.5 inches of water per irrigation. To measure how much water your sprinkler applies, set shallow pans in different areas of the lawn and measure how much water is in the pan after 30 minutes of irrigation. The best time to water your lawn is when the natural dew occurs, usually between 10pm and 6am. » back to top

Why won’t my tomatoes set fruit?
The most frequent cause of poor fruit set is low night temperatures. The tomato plant can endure temperatures down to freezing however pollen will not be produced in sufficient quantities at temperatures below 50 degrees.

Either use a blossom-setting hormone such as Fertilome Tomato and Pepper Set or cover the plant at night. Also using the Wall of Water when planting tomatoes will increase your yield and decrease crop time resulting in earlier tomatoes. » back to top

When should I prune my flowering shrub?
Spring flowering shrubs bloom on twigs that grew the previous summer and therefore should be pruned in the fall following flowering. Summer flowering shrubs bloom on new wood that grew earlier this growing season and should be pruned in the spring before new growth starts. » back to top

What is xeriscaping? Do you carry xeriscape plants?
Xeriscaping is landscaping with water conservation as a major objective. Jensen's Flower and Garden carries a large selection of shrubs and perennials that will adapt to low water requirements after establishment. For more information on xeriscaping go to » back to top

How do I keep my patio pots and hanging baskets looking good all season?
Most patio pots and spring hanging baskets are planted in what growers call a soilless mix. This means it is grown in a mix that consists of peat moss, perlite and sand. The only food your plant will get is the fertilizer you add. We recommend adding a time release fertilizer such as Osmocote along with a once or twice-a-week application of a liquid fertilizer. Remember, not adding fertilizer is like being on a water only diet. In addition a hanging basket dries out more frequently and needs watering more often, sometimes twice a day in the heat of the summer. Don’t be afraid to pinch branches that are getting leggy, it promotes side branching and flowering and always remove spent flowers to keep producing more blooms. » back to top

How did Jensen's Flower and Gardens begin?
Since arriving in Colorado in the late seventies, one Yankee and one Southerner met in a greenhouse and have been involved in the horticulture business ever since. Gary and Sue Wilson got their start growing crops for the wholesale trade and branched out into retail with the acquisition of Jensen’s Flower and Garden in Lakewood in 1997.