The Magic of Fairy Gardens

Last week I was enjoying coffee with a few of my friends and the conversation turned to gardening, as it often does. We are all active gardeners and are impatient to get outside and work in the yard but Mother Nature hasn’t finished with winter yet. I brought up the idea of fairy gardens, indoor gardens with a whimsical touch. The next thing I know we are talking about the plants, accessories and designs and our creative energies were flowing. I suggested that we head to Jensen’s Flower and Garden and sign up for one of their classes to create our own fairy gardens.

My friends and I are not the only ones engaging in one of the hottest trends in gardening – Fairy Gardens. These miniature gardens are popping up everywhere. Jensen’s Flower and Garden is a leader in providing the plants and accessories to make unique one of kind gardens for you to enjoy both inside and out. Creating fairy gardens can be a fun group event, a great way to introduce gardening to children, make ideal gifts and the perfect opportunity to create a table top garden. Our “Fairy Coordinator” provides the fundamentals of soil preparation and plant selection and the encouragement to design the garden.

The basic fairy garden is a miniature garden complete with furniture, structures and actual living plants. It is basically a container garden, a place to tend and enjoy any time of year. With miniature topiary trees and tiny bushes plus arbors, benches, wheelbarrows and other furniture, these “green places for small spaces” are perfect for both adults and children. The latest trend is taking these gardens outside and upsizing them. The configuration of Fairy Gardens are endless, we have planted Fairy Gardens in bird baths that can go outside in the summer, glass dishes (terrarium style), wood boxes, ceramic bowls, and the options go on and on.

At Jensen’s Flower and Garden we also offer a wide array of miniature plants. From ground covers such as thyme and baby tears, to trailing plants like angel vine, ivy and creeping fig, shrubs and trees options include Mexican heather, dwarf myrtle, coleus, euonymus, lavender and rosemary and don’t forget the beautiful miniature cyclamen, kolancha, mini violets, and polka dot plants.

The classes at Jensen’s Flower and Garden are offered twice a month, typically on the second Sunday at 12-1pm and the fourth Thursday at 5- 7pm, call to verify specific dates. We are also available to host a private party for groups of 5 or more. We charge a material fee of $40.00 which includes a container, soil, 2 small plants, pathway material and most importantly a garden fairy. This is a terrific value and a great way to get started. Additionally we also carry a wide range of accessories for your garden from candelabras to houses and everything in between.

Ask the Expert.

Dan asks: Is there anything I can do now to prevent aphids in my aspen trees later?

Aphids are a common pest effecting Aspens. We recommend using a systemic tree insect drench. This drench will protect the trees all year long. The drench takes about one week for each foot of tree to protect. So if you have an eight foot tree it will take eight weeks before it is complete protected. So no is the perfect time to protect your trees. Stop by and the team at Jensen’s Flower and Garden can help you select the right product for your situation.

If you have a questions for our staff, please send an email to or stop by.