Suspended Color for Season Long Effects!

Nothing adds color to the drab corners of your outdoor spaces like the brilliant, suspended blossoms of hanging baskets.

Hanging baskets flow like a river of cascading blooms over entry ways, decks, patios and railings. They offer vertical appeal to corners or posts and combine with brilliant mastery different colors and textures of ever-blooming plants. With a few simple tips on caring for your hanging baskets, you will continue to enjoy these masterpieces throughout the growing season.

Container Choices: There are several choices when it comes to hanging basket containers. Planters range from plastic pots to wood or wire baskets. One very important thing to keep in mind: Make sure that the container you choose is large enough to carry your beautiful blooms through the entire growing season. A larger container will retain more water during the hot summer days and will allow enough soil for optimal root growth and plant health. Smaller containers dry out faster.

Plant Selection: When it comes to choosing your plants, the options are only limited by your imagination. One way to narrow it down is by deciding whether your planter will be in afternoon sun or shade. These conditions will determine the plants that you choose. Hanging baskets need to pack a punch if they are going to grab attention from the street. Create an overflowing river of blooms with known top performers such as trailing petunias, but add different textures and colors by introducing new eye-catching annuals to the mix. Jensen’s Flower and Garden grows several new varieties of annuals each year to offer unique and cutting-edge style to our hanging baskets. We make sure that they all require the same growing conditions and care. For a balanced look, we combine upright, mounding and trailing plants so that your basket will fill in on top and cover over the sides. Different leaf and bloom shapes give your basket cool structure and form.

Color Design: Contrasting or Complementary? Color is an important part of your plant selection process. You will have to decide on a color scheme that fits your style and surroundings. Use contrasting or complementary colors together of different shades of the same color for a monochromatic look.

Growing It On…Continued Care. Follow these essential tips to help your gorgeous flowering baskets and containers thrive during the hot summer months.

Remember to water throughout the summer. Use common sense and water when needed. During the hot summer, it will be necessary to water every day. When the weather is cooler, you won’t need to water as often. When in doubt, feel the soil on the top of the planter. If it is dry, water the plants; if it is moist, leave it alone.
Fertilize your planters throughout the summer and into fall. The more you fertilize, the less you have to deadhead and the more sensational your plants will be. Use Fertilome 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer 1-2 times a week.

Watch Out! Your other plants may become jealous of eyes are lifted pass them to view the brilliant¸ suspened color of your new hanging masterpieces.

Ask the Expert.

Bill asks: Will blueberries grow in Colorado?

Yes, however they take special planting instructions. Blueberries like an acidic, loamy soil. The best way to achieve this is to plant blueberries directly into a block of peat moss. The CSU extension office supports this approach. If you have questions stop by Jensen’s Flower and Garden and we will help do our best to help.

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